Overcomer [Re​:​charged]

by FireBrand

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released November 13, 2019

EP was written, recorded, performed, mixed, and mastered by Josiah Brand.
© 2019 FireBrand Music. All rights reserved.


all rights reserved



FireBrand Murray, Kentucky

Old-school, aggressive electronic metal

Influenced by bands like Circle of Dust, Klank, and Oblivion Machine, Placate the Masses vocalist Josiah Brand combines the aggressive guitars, drums, and vocals with energetic synth melodies. ... more

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Track Name: Single Eye (Recharged)
Focusing on so much.
My lens so wide that I'm out of touch
with all the things that are necessary
to live life abundant indeed.

I don't wanna have to gouge it out,
I don't wanna have to throw it in Hell,
but I'll go where it looks to,
so I'll change everything it beholds.

Invaders love a wide gate,
it's crawling through a crevice they hate.
A tunnel to a grave never elevates,
so change the tunnel's path you take.

Single eye, can you tell me why
such narrow sight lets in so much light?
Gazing into the darkness,
I know I will die.
Yeah, I know I will die!
Single eye, all this time's gone by.
Neglected for so long,
how it flies.
Face down in the dirt now,
I realize
that it's time to get a single eye.
Track Name: Overcomer (Recharged)
The past isn't part of me,
just a memory of who I'll never be again.
No longer looking back,
I've set my sights on what's ahead before me.
I've been made a new me,
growing to be what I was always designed to be.
I'm the head, not the tail.
I'm above and I'm not beneath.

You can't stand against me
to remind me of the person that I used to be;
I know who I am
and I won't back down from my righteous stand.
Lookin' like a mighty beast,
prowling around like you're preparing for a feast,
but in blood I stand
with your teeth in my hand,
singing, "Death, where is your sting?"

Don't gloat over me,
cause I'll rise again!
What I used to be
is dead and gone!
He who lives in me
is greater than all!
In time, you will see

You can't stand against me
to remind me of the person that I used to be;
I know who I am
and I won't back down from my righteous stand.
I've been made a new me,
growing to be what I was always designed to be.
I'm the head, not the tail.
I'm above, and I'm not beneath.

I am no longer broken
I am beyond a conqueror
I am a new creation
and I'm never going back
Track Name: Breaking Free vs. Show Me Whatcha Got
Look up, Look up!
I'm talking to you!
There's only suffering
looking back at what you've been through.
Nothing can be done about yesterday,
but you can do so much with the gift known as today.

You're breaking free
from the conflict within!
You're breaking free,
never return again!
You're breaking free,
let the healing begin!
Cause you were designed for dominion,
so show me whatcha got!

Look up, look up!
I'm talking to you!
You're going anywhere that
you fix your gaze to.
Action follows faith,
I think we'd agree.
So make the authentic you
the new reality.

I'm sick and tired of watching you bleed.
Today's the final day you're gonna spend in defeat.
Track Name: Blood. Sweat. Fire. (Recharged)
Trapped in deceit
that anything that we want
will just fall at our feet.
Promises incomplete
because when the trials show up
we retreat.

A thousand may fall around me I will stand.
I won't be afraid inside this shadow land.

To lay hold of the prize ahead,
it will require...
With ambition ahead,
keep on going higher.

Abandon the ease
to take hold of the freedom
discipline can bring.
Push through to achieve
while the indulgent stay behind
in wishful thinking.

You wanna be... STRONG?
You wanna be... BOLD?
You wanna be... FREE?
Then don't waste another second.
You wanna stand... TALL?
You wanna walk... PROUD?
You wanna be... BLESSED?
Then don't relent,
just go and get it now!
Track Name: Engraved vs Cage Fight
Hating the face in the mirror,
the image I made myself in.
I wish that I could start over
where a hope and a future begins.

I'm becoming everything that I was designed to be!

Day in and out,
there's a battle going on in my head
between the words
that the angel and the devil on my shoulder have said.
The seeds sown carelessly
left me with a harvest that was dead.
I need to feast a little more
on the words that were written in red.

These demons coming after me,
trying to hold me down with all this pain,
trying to pump me full of doubt,
doing all they can to get me to refrain.
All this affliction has got to leave in the Name,
and I'm living for the light
cause the darkness within me has been slain.

I won't stop till I'm delivered
from the lies that I've believed in.
Taking on a new perspective,
I'm transformed as my mind is renewed.

Nowhere can I find a shred of peace,
tossed and driven like a wave upon the seas.
My hope is to take hold of the hands
on whose palms has my name been engraved.

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